What is the Deep Brain Stimulation Success rate for Parkinson’s?

Deep Brain Stimulation Success rate for Parkinson’s disease is excellent. According to Medtronic’s data, 85-90% of patients have significant improvement after DBS. DBS does not reduce all symptoms equally. It reduces some symptoms more than others. In most cases: DBS reduces the major symptoms of shaking, stiffness and slowness. Patients walk faster. However, DBS does … Read more

Best DBS Device for Parkinson’s [Are newer DBS devices better?]

Which is the best DBS device? Actually, no DBS device has been proven to the best. All DBS devices are very good. Newer devices provide many additional features. But whether these additional features help patients in the real world is not known. Let us learn about these issues. Which companies manufacture Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) … Read more