Am I a good DBS candidate? [For Parkinson’s Patients]

Allow me to give you the Patient Criteria for a good DBS candidate upfront. You are the ideal DBS candidate if you fulfil all the following: Go Ahead with DBS Stop & re-consider 1. Your life is significantly hampered, despite taking proper medications 2. If the diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease is sure, and there are … Read more

Is there a Miracle Cure for PSP? [Rational PSP treatment & new research]

At present, we do not have a Miracle Cure for PSP. But that does not mean that a cure will never be available. Diseases such as Hepatitis-C were incurable. They now have cures. We should keep ourselves healthy for the future. Some medications may decrease symptoms. Also, non-medication treatment is essential. Non-medication treatment includes swallowing … Read more

What can mimic Parkinson’s disease? [30+ Parkinson’s Misdiagnoses]

All doctors and possibly all patients should know what can mimic Parkinson’s disease. There are more than 30+ diseases that produce similar similar symptoms. These mimics may cause Parkinson’s misdiagnosis. For example, hypothyroidism also produces slowness of movements. Therefore hypothyroidism can be misdiagnosed as Parkinson’s disease. The treatment is different for each of these conditions. … Read more

What is Progressive Supranuclear Palsy? [PSP meaning]

After reading what your doctor wrote, you may have wondered: What is PSP? PSP means “Progressive Supranuclear Palsy”. It is a Parkinson’s Plus Syndrome. Some diseases are like Parkinson’s disease. But they also have extra symptoms. So, they are called “Parkinson’s Plus Syndromes”. PSP is the most common Parkinson’s Plus Syndrome. If you have PSP, … Read more

Parkinson’s – Difficulty Swallowing (Dysphagia), Drooling & Aspiration

Parkinson’s disease may cause difficulty swallowing (Dysphagia). Food may go into the lungs – this is called Aspiration. The decrease in swallowing saliva may also cause drooling. These problems are particularly severe in a disease called Progressive Supranuclear Palsy (PSP). Although PSP is slightly different than Parkinson’s disease, all the information given here is helpful … Read more

Parkinson’s and Falling [Avoid falling and injuries!]

Parkinson’s and falling, unfortunately, go hand in hand. Most patients with Parkinson’s disease have some imbalance. In uncomplicated Parkinson’s disease, falls are less common. But: If you have recurrent falls or If you are falling backwards, Parkinson’s disease may not be the right diagnosis. If you do have Parkinson’s disease, adequate treatment helps you move … Read more